Celebrant PA System Hire

Hire a Celebrant PA system for a Wedding or Commitment Ceremony in Melbourne

Have you ever been the guest at a Wedding and felt like you should of taken a course in lip reading? There is nothing worse than struggling to hear the celebrant or speech speaking at such an important day.

At Melbourne Projector Hire we have invested in a huge inventory of Chiayo Portable PA systems known in the industry as the “Celebrants Number One Choice” these quality battery powered wireless speakers and microphones will not disappoint. Hire a Celebrant PA system from Melbourne Projector hire today.

Portable PA Options

Our Celebrant PA systems are configurable to support two wireless microphones. You can choose from Hand Held Microphones, Head Worn Microphones and Lapel Microphones. In addition to wireless you can add up to two wired microphones if needed so expansion is quite good.

Battery powered convenience in all celebrant PA’s. With 6 hours of battery use time it really makes the system truly portable.

Each Portable PA is capable of playback from USB (Mp3 Media) as well as having bluetooth connectivity. And you have a handy remote control so you can trigger playback of Mp3’s.

The Portable PA supports a slave speaker. As a result audience coverage will be greater.

Importance of your setup

The setup of the speakers will determine the sound quality and ultimate outcome. Often we hear of nightmare experiences with PA’s which is often put down to the brand being used. Brand snobbery is usually a misguided assertion especially for the application. In other words get the best advise based on your application not your budget.

PA placement is your number one factor in determining your success this will assist you in elimination feedback. Therefore, ensuring quality sound for your audience. The image below illustrates in very basic terms the ideal scenario for setup. It is extremely important the microphone users are located behind the speakers and the the speakers are positioned as ear level of the audience. This enables you to turn up to an adequate volume with out fear of feedback.

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