Home Projector Hire in Melbourne

Home Projector Hire

We have all dreamed about having the big screen experience at home to gather your friends and family together to enjoy a cult classic move like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” or perhaps the latest “Avengers” Movie. Well now you can with Home Projector Hire!

In this day and age most peoples lounge rooms have a screen that sits somewhere between 42″ – 75″ diagonal screen size which is great for the day to day but bring a group of friends together for an event viewing and you can easily be forgiven for feeling perhaps there is a better option out there.

Home Projector Hire - Woman relaxing on the couch eating popcorn.

A home projector hire can be the perfect solution with image sizes of 120″ or more. It is relatively straight forward process to get up and running however are a few things to consider to set up your temporary home theatre. The following check list will help you navigate the required steps to watch all the big screen action in the privacy of your own home.

Home Projector Hire –What is your source?

We will need to determine your source to provide appropriate setup instructions and the correct cables.

Will you be watching free to air TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Stan or perhaps a DVD, Blu Ray or even Youtube?

This will help you decide what your going to need to make that work, some of the options are:

  • Apple TV
  • Digital Set Top Box
  • Telstra Box
  • Foxtel
  • DVD / Blu Ray Player
  • PC or Apple MAC
  • Media Player
  • Chromecast
  • iPhone or Android

Home Projector Hire –What are you projecting on?

For the best image quality you should always to hire a projector screen however if your on a budget a large white space the size of the image you are looking at projecting can be used this could be as simple as a white wall or sheet.

How will you hear the movie?

Depending on your source you will have a few options. You could use your existing home theatre speaker system, stereo or a bluetooth speakers. Alternatively for an easy solution you may want to hire our Movie Night PA Speaker Hire Package. In any event let us know your intention and we will assist you with cables and advise.

Visit our full hire shop for all our creative solutions your next event is a success our friendly staff are on hand to assist any way they can.