How to Connect Your Foxtel Box to a Projector

Connecting your Foxtel box to a projector is a great way to enjoy all the content Foxtel has to offer. Enjoy bingeing your favourite show, enjoying live sport or watching the latest premier movie.

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All modern Foxtel boxes are capable of connecting to a projector including iQ2, iQ3 & iQ4. The easiest method is via a HDMI cable.

Have an iQ4? If so, you need to pre-set your Foxtel box while still connected to your TV to output HD 1080p. By default the iQ4 is set to 4k which our hire projectors do not support.

Audio and connecting your Foxtel box to a projector

It is important to consider your audio connection when connecting your Foxtel box to a projector. You can do this by routing the HDMI via your modern home amplifier. Using this method the Amp will handle the audio.

Alternatively, you can plug out of the Foxtel box via an optical or coaxial lead in to your soundbar.

If your current set up just uses your televisions speakers, you will need to get one of our PA Hire packages we will extract the audio from the projector. This uses the projectors internal processing to extract the audio from the HDMI signal and presents it as an analogue audio source.

Home Movies on Foxtel with a Projector

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