Delivery, Collection, DIY Collect, Returns

Do you offer a delivery service?

Yes, for an additional charge we can deliver. This is quoted on request and requires the hirer to be present to accept delivery of the goods. Payment and Identity Confirmation is required prior to delivery. Bond is collected on the day.

Do you offer a collection service?

Yes, for an additional charge we offer a collection service, This is quoted on request and requires the hirer to be present to hand over goods.Any bond refund is transacted by our driver and must be on the same card as paid on.

How much does a standard delivery & collection cost?

How long is a piece of string!
Delivery & Collection is based on Distance from our warehouse (Carrum Downs), Time our staff need to be paid & If the delivery and collection are within business hours (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm) or on the weekend / after hours.

You can expect to pay from $120 - $240.
However for a more accurate price please email us direct with your timings and dates and we will quote you an accurate price.

Do you do urgent deliveries?

Yes, we have a staff on hand and are able to deliver to most locations within Melbourne in under 1 hour. A premium delivery charge does apply but we are happy to help if we can!

Can I pickup the goods?

Yes, collection is available from our Carrum Downs address between the hours of 8:30am - 5pm and on weekends by request. Pickup times will vary based on your booking duration. We will confirm this with you when you make your booking.

Can I send someone to pickup the equipment on my behalf?

No, the person signing the Hire Agreement & Paying must be the one to collect the equipment. If you need to send someone else they will need to agree to be the "hirer"

Can I send someone to return the equipment for me?

If you choose to send your hire equipment for return with someone else, that is your choice; however, please remember that as per the hire agreement you are responsible for the equipment until its return. You will be liable for any costs associated with repairs or replacement of the equipment that arise due to negligence or misuse at any time during the hire period.

When am I required to return the equipment?

All hires are due back to our warehouse on the date and time as stated on your hire agreement. Late returns may incur additional fees.

What is the return process?

After you return the equipment, we will check that all of the equipment is accounted for, and in good working order. Please be sure to return all cables, remotes, and accessories with the equipment. All cables need to be free of sticky residue, and wound up neatly, with the supplied Velcro straps.

What if I get delayed in returning the equipment?

Your hire contract will state your return date and time. If you get delayed, we recommend that you get in touch with us as soon as you can. Late fees will be charged at the full daily hire rates.

Requirements to Hire, Payments, Damage, Loss and Bond

Can I hire equipment as a business or company with an ABN?

Yes, we can invoice a business for equipment hires. You will need evidence that you are acting on behalf of the business. You will also need to pay with a company credit card that you are authorized to use. Otherwise, the person who has signed the contract, and whose name is on the credit card used for payment, will be the person responsible for the equipment and its safe return, including any repair or replacement fees that may arise.

What do Identification do I need to hire

You need to bring a current Australian Driver License or Government issued Proof of Age Card, as well as one other form of identification which lists your current address such as a utility bill or bank statement

Can any one hire from you?

You must be at least 18 years of age to hire from us.

Can I use a passport as ID?

A Passport can be a supporting document, however we will still require proof of address.

How do I secure my order?

Payment in full is required to confirm you booking. By booking online your payment will be processed securing your order.

If I need to cancel my order can I get my money back?

Once payment has been received the booking is confirmed refunds are offered if full up to 14 calendar days prior to the booking collection time. If within 14 days regardless of whether you change your mind, your event is cancelled, or for any other reason your booking is non refundable.

What if I need to reschedule my booking

You may reschedule the booking without loss of payment if requested on or before 7 calendar days prior to booking collection time, If within 7 days it is at the discretion of management and dependent on stock availability

Can I pay with cash?

No. We only accept payment for hire charges via Debitcard, MasterCard , Visa and American Express.

Do you have on site parking for collection

Yes please park in any available space in front of the warehouse

Will the equipment be ready to go when I come to collect, how long will it take?

Generally the equipment will be ready for collection but please allow 5 - 15min for us to process bond payment, sight your identification, review your equipment and read and sign the paperwork.

What is the bond and what is it for?

In addition to hire fees we will require a $250 bond or an amount agreed upon at the time of booking. This bond will be refunded to you upon safe return of the equipment in the same condition as it was received.
If the equipment is late back or damaged any additional fees that should arise may be deducted from your bond.

How do I pay the bond?

You can pay the bond on collection of your hire via Cash, Debitcard, MasterCard , Visa and American Express.

Is the equipment insured while I have it?

No, our equipment is not insured for the duration of your booking.

Do you do short notice hires?

Yes, not a problem, as long as you have all the required id and payment if its in stock we are more than happy to assist.

What's the Rental period?

Our rates are charged per day based on a 24 hour period for weekdays.
However as we are all round nice guys and we like our weekends, Goods collected on Friday afternoon after 2pm are due back Monday before 10am This is charged at 1 day rate. How good is that!

What if the equipment gets Damaged, Stolen or Lost?

As part of our terms and conditions, you are responsible for our equipment for the duration of your booking. Any damage incurred while in your care will be repaired at your cost. Should any item not be returned, or returned in such condition that it is beyond repair, it will be replaced at your cost. Please ensure that the equipment you hire is kept indoors, in a secure location, and that it is not left unattended. Please note that we can easily tell if speakers have blown due to being turned up to unnecessarily high volume, or if projector globes have been burned out or broken due to misuse.

Is there a credit card surcharge

Nope, we hate them as much as I'm sure you do!

Equipment and Other Info

Will it fit in my car?

Well that depends on the equipment you hire and of course your car, If in doubt contact us and we can advise dimensions of projectors screens and speakers

How will I know how to set it up?

All our equipment includes a simple instruction cards on the basics to get you up and running, and we are more than happy to run you through equipment when you collect. At which time you can ask any questions you may have. All our instruction Cards as well as manufacturer manuals are available for download on our web site.

What if I have a problem with setup?

If you’re having some difficulty setting up your equipment, give us a call at the office during business hours and we’ll walk you through it. If you’re concerned that you’ll be setting it up out of business hours, please speak to us when you pick up your booking and we’ll provide an afterhours contact.

What if my equipment doesn’t work?

All of our equipment is thoroughly tested during the preparation of your order, so it is extremely unlikely that you’ll have an issue. Please call us if you’re having difficulties , and we’ll see if we can help troubleshoot the problem. In the unlikely and rare occasion that an item fails, and we do not deem it to be a result of misuse or improper care of the equipment, we will refund the hire fees for that item. Please don't wait until return to report any issue! we want you event to be a success as much as you do!

Is you equipment Tested and Tagged?

All of our equipment is Tested to AS/NZS 3760 before each and every hire it is tagged to indicate this.

What the deal with weekend rates?

We all like our weekends off so collect on Friday between 2pm - 5pm and return Monday between 8:30am - 10:30am and you can have it all week end for just a 1 day hire. If you can't make in during business hours, please contact us we usually can work something out!

Are you open Public Holidays?

Nope we like our days off! So hire it on the week day immediately preceding the public holiday and return it on the week day after the public holiday and we will call it a 1 day hire. How good is that!

Can I get a package deal?

Sure contact us with your requirements we are happy to put together a package for your event hire

What sort of events can I hire for?

Hmmm, Weddings, Birthday Party's, Business Presentations, Movie Night, Fundraising, Sports Match, Engagement Party, Funerals, Memorials Product Launch, Seminar, Art Exhibition, and. Pretty much any thing else you can think of!

What Devices will connect to your projectors?

The 10 most common devices would be Laptop (PC or Apple Mac), DVD or Blu-Ray Player, Game Consoles, iPad, Media Players, Set Top Box, Foxtel, Chromecast, Android Phone & Desktop Computers

Do you have a suitable cable for my ****?

We stock heaps of cables for many applications, Just ask we will likely have whatever it is you need to get connected!

What are your Terms & Conditions?

You can find our terms and conditions document via the link at the bottom of the page.